About Open Door Counsel

Affordable Counsel For Growing Businesses

New and small businesses face a host of legal concerns and an increasingly complex regulatory environment. These challenges confront small and start up businesses just as they do multinational corporations — but new and smaller companies often don’t have the budget to hire high-priced counsel, or for that matter, any lawyer to address their leases, employment decisions, technology licensing agreements and other important matters such as trademarks and incorporation. If not handled properly, all of these can expose your business to unnecessarily high risks.

Open Door Counsel was created to fill the void between large firms charging sky-high prices and local specialists. At Open Door Counsel, we act as your proactive, pragmatic business counsel even if you are too small to hire a full-time in-house lawyer. We provide the high quality legal advice you need at prices that will make sense to you.

Large firms charge up to $800 per hour for their advice, and often, this advice is strictly legal – not putting your business’ financial and practical needs first. Local lawyers who may be more affordable cannot necessarily handle all your compliance and regulatory issues, especially as you scale up, perhaps to international scope.

Few can offer the range of knowledge that we have within the budget of smaller businesses – with expertise in labor and employment (including immigration), corporate formation and governance, environmental law and land use permits, and compliance with a host of laws – securities, anti-terrorism and money laundering, data privacy and anti-bribery – that can affect your company. We have successfully concluded transactions all over Asia, Latin and Central America, the Middle East , and Europe.

We serve all your legal needs. And if we can’t do it, we have a network of experts we’ve already worked with in those places.

Quality Legal Advice, Sophisticated Business Perspective

At Open Door Counsel, we have been trained in large law firms and small, in government and public corporations. We hail from the top law schools in the country – but that is not why our work is so good. Over years of hard work – researching, writing, appearing in court, drafting and negotiating agreements and making regulatory filings – we have honed our business skills in all the critical areas for new and growing businesses. We understand that legal considerations don’t drive the bus – and that the only good solutions to legal problems are those that do not break the bank or divert costly resources from your day-to-day goals.

Service & Support

We are not just a service provider. We are part of your team devoted to supporting your business. We learn your business inside and out, bringing to bear twenty years of experience in law, finance and government to help you avoid, solve and minimize legal problems to move your business forward. We ensure we have you covered. We are devoted to your satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on providing unlimited 24- hour access and timely responses, when you need them.

Passionate About Building Relationships With Clients

You are not just a billable hour: you deserve our focused attention when you ask for it, and that’s what you’ll get. We collaborate with you as partners to come up with realistic, creative approaches to your legal issues. And we are there for you, always. We plan to be your trusted counsel; the lawyers you call without hesitation when you need sound advice fast, on matters large and small. Because the small questions can create big problems if they aren’t addressed properly at the right time.

Proactive Risk Assessment With LEGAL SCAN™

Our experience has yielded more than high quality legal work: we offer practical advice that advances your business goals, using the sound commercial judgment that can only come from years of in-house experience and client-oriented thinking. At Open Door Counsel, we offer practical judgment and realistic risk assessment. With LEGAL SCAN™, we proactively review your operations to spot real risks before you make costly mistakes. This is what only the best in-house lawyers do, and it is part of having your back — always.

Value and Alternative Fee Arrangements

We don’t have the overhead costs of vast office space or staff, and without this overhead we can offer flexible, reasonable price points – on a per project basis or at a daily or hourly rate, depending on your needs. And we can come to you to get to know your people and operations.

Contact us today to discuss how we might help your business grow safely within your budget. We’re here to help.